Legal representative of an injured party (victim)

Legal representatives of injured parties (victims) are persons who are obliged by laws to take care of injured parties – parents, foster-parents, legal representatives and legal guardians of juveniles and incapacitated injured parties. Persons that are neither juveniles nor incapacitated can have a legal representative if a pre-trial investigation officer, a prosecutor, or a judge decides that there are certain obstacles (age, illness, and similar) that preclude full implementation of the rights that injured party (victim) is entitled to.

Legal representatives enter the case not automatically, they shall be allowed to take part in the criminal procedure by a pre-trial investigation officer, a prosecutor, or a court. In cases when a pre-trial investigation officer, a prosecutor, or a court acknowledges that participation of a legal representative in the case could harm interests of the injured party or could jeopardize the case, and the injured party is a juvenile or an incapacitated, any other person could be appointed to act as a legal representative.

Legal representatives are allowed to accompany injured parties (victims) in every step of pre-trial investigation and trial. Their main duty is to support the injured party and to help him or her to understand what is going on.

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