Victim (Injured Party)

Anyone can be the victim of a crime. Don’t think that it only happens to others. Victims in criminal procedure are called injured parties.

An injured party is someone who, as a result of breach of criminal law (a crime or criminal infringement), has suffered material or immaterial harm.

Family members and close relatives of people who have deceased because of a crime are also afforded the status of injured parties, however only if they themselves have suffered material or immaterial harm due to the death of the person deceased.

Victims are afforded the status of the injured party in criminal procedure by a decision of a pre-trial investigation officer, a prosecutor, or a court. The rights that injured parties are entitled to arise from the moment the aforementioned decision is taken.

What acts count as crimes and criminal infringements is described by the Criminal Code of Lithuania. However, punishments for some less important but harmful acts are provided in the Code of Administrative Infringements of Lithuania. If you have been harmed by an administrative infringement you should be acknowledged the status of an injured party in an administrative procedure.

If you were or are a victim of crime, you should report it to the authorities. To find out more about how to report a crime, click here.

Most of criminal acts are to be investigated even if victims do not want them to be investigated. However, there are certain criminal acts that the laws require to be investigated only when victims apply for pre-trial investigation to be started.

Injured parties have a number of rights, and it is important to be aware of them. To know more about
the rights of injured parties click here. Sometimes it is quite difficult to exploit the rights of yours to the full extent, thus legal assistance and representation are necessary. In most cases you would be entitled to free legal aid. If you would like to know more about how to get legal assistance and representation, click here.

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