Victim’s lawyer

Victims’ lawyers in criminal proceedings are called authorized representatives of injured parties. They provide legal assistance to injured parties (victims) and represent them during the whole criminal procedure.

In certain cases (cases of crimes against health, crimes against freedom, sexual crimes, as well as in cases where injured parties are juveniles) it is obligatory for injured parties to have an authorized representative. Pre-trial investigation officer, a prosecutor, or a judge can decide that interests of an injured party request participation of an authorized representative in other cases also. In these cases you are not allowed to decline services of an authorized representative.

You are free to choose who will act as an authorized representative in your case. Usually functions of authorized representatives are performed by practicing lawyers or their assistants. Please note that in the most of cases injured parties (victims) are entitled to receive free legal aid, you can find more about this right of yours here. In certain cases, if a pre-trial investigation officer, a prosecutor, or a judge agrees, you can invite any other person holding university degree in law to be your authorized representative.

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